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SceneCraftr is a bold tool for actors that harnesses the power of AI. Giving actors an opportunity to shine with scenes tailored to their strengths.

Before you start creating scenes, you need to pick a plan that best suits your needs.

Prompt Tips!

So many genres

Production Types require a specific subcategory of genre to accurately reflect the diverse forms of TV and Film content. With a selection of over 20 genres to choose from, you can tailor your script to match the distinct tone and style of various content types. Be sure to craft your scene so that it echoes the lighthearted feel of a Kids' sitcom or the dramatic intensity of a Daytime Soap Opera. Alternatively, you might want it to capture the tense atmosphere of a Medical Drama TV series or the suspense of a Thriller film.

Inspired By

While this field is optional, it serves as a platform for you to get specifically creative. Mention another production that you'd like your scene to echo or evoke in tone and style. You can extend this concept by mentioning in your storyline notes that your scene is a creative reimagining of a scene from the referenced title, but with new, unique parameters. The outcome of such an exercise can often yield intriguing and impressive results!

Tinker with Tone

With more than 25 adjectives available in the 'Tone' dropdown on the form, you have the power to guide the AI effectively in capturing the mood you envision for your scene. Opt for a 'Creepy' or 'Dark' tone to align with a suspenseful genre. Try to underscore the humor in your piece by selecting 'Silly' or 'Hilarious'. Illustrate your storytelling ability with a 'Heartbreaking' or 'Tragic' moment. Experiment with rewriting scenes using different tone choices to observe the fascinating changes in the narrative.

Details matter

The storyline input field is designed to accommodate expansive & detailed descriptions. Feel free to delve deep into the intricacies of the moment you're crafting. Define the dramatic tension or highlight the humorously absurd moments. Explain the relationships between characters and their individual motivations. The more detail you provide, the more nuanced and high-quality the resulting scene will be.

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