A Kick-off Contest For Kids

Self Tape Contest F.A.Q.

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Who can enter?

Any child performer who is under the age of 18 can enter the contest.

How do I enter?

Fill out the contestenstant form on this page.

Post link to view or download scene. Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive are all acceptable as long as they do not have a password lock.

Deadline is July 15th, 2023.

What should be on the tape?

The contest celebrates Child Actors and SceneCraftr as a great new tool for actors to create content. The entry tape needs to have a performance of a scene that was created in SceneCraftr. Only the submitting actor should be on the self tape. The other character should be an off-camera reader. A slate filmed separately but attached to the end of video should include the Actor's name, age and location.

How are winners chosen?

Self Tape submissions will be viewed by a panel of Industry Professionals that may include: Talent Agents, Talent Managers, Acting Coaches, Casting Directors, etc.

The tapes will be evaluated on the technical quality including: Sound, lighting, framing, clarity of image.

And performance: Believability of character, Staying Present in the scene, attention to tone, attention to genre, comedic or dramatic ability.

An Overall winner and a few categorical winners will be selected and announced by August 1st via email and on scenecraftr.com

What are the technical specifications?

Tapes should be filmed Horizontally.

Entire runtime should not exceed 5 minutes.

Tapes should be saved no higher than 720p resolution.

Make sure there is clear sound.

Framing should be from the top of actor's head to mid-chest.

Actor should NOT be looking into the camera during the scene. They must conenct with off-camera reader.

Reader should be behind camera, just slightly to the right or left of the camera lens.

Are there prizes?

Prizes for selected winners may include:

Free one-year membership plan to SceneCraftr

Free Private Coaching sessions with Youth Acting Coaches.

Feature Story about performer on the ChildActor101.com blog.

Acting resource tools such as Books, Guides, Games, etc.

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