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Industry Professional Services

Get Feedback

An Industry Professional* will look over your written scene or watch your self taped performance & provide written feedback to you. Feedback steers you to using only the best marketing materials.
*Talent Rep, Casting Director, Acting Coach

Only $22.00

Hire a Reader

Don't rely on your Mom or Spouse to read opposite of you in your scene if they cannot act. Set yourself up for success and get a professional actor that is trained to deliver. They will keep you present in the scene and give you something to work off of. Meets online via zoom.

Only $29.99

Get Coached

Get professional acting coaching on your scene online. A professional Hollywood audition coach will meet with you for 30 minutes to pull the best stuff out of you!  This will give you confidence and ideas to make your scene pop!
Meets online via zoom.

Only $49.99

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These add-ons are enhancements for your acting materials when you are ready to access them. Having the guidance of an Industry Professional helps you have a comeptitive edge! Contact us for more information.

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