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Producing your scenes is as easy as self taping an audition. Talent Reps lover to see engaging self taped audition scenes on actor reels.

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How Does SceneCraftr Work?

Our tool uses your own ideas and preferences to generate TV and film script ideas that will help you create standout demo reels. Simply input your parameters and let our AI generate exciting, original scenes for you to work with.

Is SceneCraftr Suitable For Actors Of All Ages?

Yes, our tool is designed to be accessible and intuitive for aspiring actors at any age and at any level of experience. Whether you're just starting out or looking to up your game, we believe SceneCraftr can help you achieve your goals.

Absolutely. You know your strengths as an actor better than anyone, so feel free to customize the scripts generated by our tool to make them more tailored to your strengths and preferences.

How Much Does SceneCraftr Cost?

Our pricing plans are designed to be affordable and accessible for aspiring actors at any level of experience. You can try our tool for free or sign up for an "All You Can Scene" plan to create unlimited scenes instantly.

How do I access the scenes I created?

All users on a plan get to create a profile page. Your scenes will populate there once they are created. You have the option to copy and paste the text or download the scene as a file.

Are the scenes copyrighted?

No, they are not at all copyrighted. SceneCraftr uses your ideas and the power of AI to create a scene that you own and can do with it as you please. This includes commercial usage. Just thank us in your acceptance speech.

Making A Scene

“SceneCraftr is amazing how quickly it can create a scene specifically for you! A comprehensive app yet super user friendly! I love that I can pick the genre and the tone of the scene too. I definitely recommend this app! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!”

Christy Grable

Podcaster & Mom of Child Actors

“I was shocked at how good this was. With little prompting I was given two scenes for my daughter that will really challenge her skills and show off her talent!”

Sara Shaddix
Copy Editor

“Finally AI that is working for actors. This app is truly a gift to the performing arts community.”

Henry Allen
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